Finding a Way is not just a memoir, it has become Len Johnrose’s mantra since his diagnosis with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in 2017, some years after his retirement from professional football, while he was working as a teacher. This cruel disease gradually removed all such activities from his life. Now it severely restricts his personal freedoms as his everyday movement became increasingly affected – the memoir was written using voice-recognition technology as Len can no longer control his hands.
Finding A Way will appeal to football fans, describing as it does the delights of playing the sport professionally, and sharing with the reader the secrets of the dressing room – and midfielder Len Johnrose’s candid opinions of the players, coaches and managers who populated his glory years. Yet this is much more than a footballing memoir, and the title refers to more than sporting endeavour. The book – full of humour – will also appeal to those who are fascinated by the human spirit and how it can vault the most intimidating barriers to happiness.“

Finding a Way

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